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Description: Website Pic small.jpgMegan Fulcher, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

Washington & Lee University

540 458-8107

Curriculum Vitae



Principles of Development (PSYC 113):

This course provides an introduction to development from birth through death.  We will focus on the nature of changes in physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development across the lifespan. We will also examine methods and theories involved in measuring and studying human development.


Socio-emotional Development (PSYC 261):

This course provides an introduction to social/emotional development across the lifespan. We will also examine methods and theories involved in measuring and studying human development. There is a specific focus in this course on the impact of culture on children’s social-emotional development.


Gender role Development (PSYC 262):

This course will provide you with an overview of gender-role development. How do children learn to be boys and girls? What role do biological factors play in different behaviors of boys and girls? Does society push boys and girls in different directions? We will discuss children’s evolving ideas about gender, and what can be done to change these ideas (or whether they need to be changed at all).


The Development of Human Sexuality (PSYC 213) :

This course examines the fundamentals of the development and practice of sexuality in the human being and the historical, psychological, and psychosocial aspects of human sexuality from childhood to old age. The course covers major theories of the development of sexuality in heterosexual, gay, and lesbian people. Students also explore how sexuality itself may be “constructed" as a result of culture, media, and gender. Primary source material as well as popular media depictions of sexuality will be examined. Students will be engaged in the creation of a comprehensive sexual education program which will involve contact with parents, teachers, and experts in the field.



Research Interests:

I am interested in children's social emotional development in the context of the family. I am particularly interested in children's gender role development. Most children understand gender role stereotypes but adhere to these stereotypes to varying degrees. It is these individual differences between children that interest me. Currently, I am working on two projects that examine how children's ideas about gender impact their ideas about their future work and family roles.

Growing Up in Rockbridge:

This project focuses on rural families interactions around math, science and autobiographical activities. We are currently recruiting families of 4 to 6 year olds to participate in a pilot study. We are trying to choose fun and appropriate activities. Participating families will receive a backpack that has a fun science, math or autobiographical activity, a flip camera for the family to use to record their interaction and a small thank-you gift for their children. If you are interested in participating click here for more information or contact,

Career Trajectories in Early Adulthood:

This project focuses on the emerging career and family role plans as students move through college. Men and women both consider their role in the family when choosing occupations. Participants in this project include about 700 students at Washington and Lee University, Monmouth University, & University of Wisconsin, Steven's Point.