Washington and Lee University
Department of Psychology
Nancy A. Margand, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Phone: (540)458-8835
email: margandn@wlu.edu


Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1975

Joined Washington and Lee University's faculty in 1975

on leave 2004-2005

 SAMPLE Syllabus   PSY. 113

Current research interests include the development of social and emotional skills in children, particularly children's understanding of mixed emotions. I am also currently involved in a project exploring changing attitudes and behaviors regarding environmentally responsible behaviors among grade school, and college, students.

Selected Publications
Paley, B., Cox, M.J., Kanoy, K.W., Harter, K.S.M., Burchinal, M., & Margand, N.A.(in press).  Adult Attachment and Marital Interaction as Predictors of Whole Family Interactions during the Transition to Parenthood.  Journal of Family Psychology.

Paley, B., Cox, M., Harter, K, & Margand, N. (2002). Adult Attachment Stance and Spouses' Marital Perceptions During the Transition to Parenthood. Attachment and Human Development

Cox, M., Payne, C. & Margand, N. (1995) Becoming a father: The context of early father-child relationships. Paper presented at Society for Research in Child Development, Indiana, March.
Cox, M., Owen, M., Henderson, K., & Margand, N. (1992) Prediction of infant-father and infant-mother attachment. Developmental Psychology, 28, 474-483.

Margand, N.A.(1991) Early interaction and the development of pragmatic language skills. Paper presented at SRCD, Seattle, April.